Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bedroom Inspiration

Just random images I love.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love sportsgirl. They have the most gorgeous things. Also it's one of the only places where I live that I can get my kinda clothes. Too bad I don't live in a big city! Anyway, I want these:

And quite a few other things, but you can't have everything. So...just going to stick with these two :).

No one seems to really be reading my blog yet...but it's going to get there eventually!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

# 32

Had to blog again because the new issue of Frankie, aka best magazine ever, came out yesterday, and I just got mine a few hours ago :). I'm home sick from school today, so it's cheered me up a bit. This issue is full of wonderfulness (which is surprisingly actually a word) as per usual. My favourite part so far are the inspiration boards, which have inspired me to get cracking on mine!

Pitter patter goes my heart

These images are from a photoshoot from Frankie's May/June 2009 issue. The photos are by Amanda Austin. Aren't they lovely? I just love the whole feel of them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Polaroid Love ♥

I have wanted a polaroid for quite some time now, I'm not sure what appeals to me most about them. I think it's mostly the look of how the photos come out. I've decided on getting a Spirit 600, so I'm just going to search ebay until I find one that I like. The only problem is film is quite expensive though, as they've stopped making it. Usually a pack of ten (enough to take ten photos,obviously) is about $30 - $50 from what I've seen on ebay, although I'm sure there are other places that you can buy it.

As I sit umming and ahhing over the price of film, I remember reading an article in Frankie a while ago. And that's when I remember
The Impossible Project. The aim of the team at The Impossible Project is to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010. Recently it was announced that Polaroid would be supporting the project by relaunching some of the most famous Polaroid Instant Cameras.

So, the people at The Impossible Project, thank you!

In the meantime, for people without Polaroid cameras, who dearly wish they had one (i.e. me!) there is a software you can download from, where you can make your own polaroids, just drag and drop your picture onto the camera on the desktop. There are lots of other rad features too, so worth checking it out :).

Sorry, I lost the link for this image.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Summer, hurry up pretty please.

It's very very rainy here today. It's the middle of spring, but I think somehow the weather is confused. Come on, sun! I can't wait for the days when I can wear dresses and high-waisted skirts again. I also really want some high-waisted shorts, but I cannot seem to find any! Looks like I may have to look to the internet for options...but it's not like they send it to you, you try it on, and if it doesn't fit, you can send it back.

The photos are by some of my favourite flickr photographers, the first two are by ginger lilly tea, and the last is by milly lilly rose, and they remind me of spring. Funny how they both have the word lilly. Maybe I have a thing for lilly's?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


First post! After sifting through many, many beautiful and inspiring blogs, I decided to start one of my own. This way I can keep all the little bits and pieces that inspire me in one place. Quick introduction. My name's Katie, I'm still at school. I love writing, I want to have a book published someday. I also love love love reading, singing, art. Mostly all things quirky or unique I like. Think Frankie magazine. I could spend a whole day on my swing outside just daydreaming or drawing. I think that'll do for now!

On another note, I love Etsy. I could spend days looking at all the pretty things on there. A few weeks ago I found these delightful animals by skunkboycreatures.

They're all handmade and each come with a story, for example...

You won't find a sweeter baby Jackalope anywhere. You might say his mother raised him right. He is always thoughtful and never grumpy. Baby Jack's favorite things are moon shoes to make him extra bouncy and having his velvety tummy rubbed by someone special.

Each animal is made upon time of purchase so everyone's will be different. You can check it out here, even if you don't buy one, it might give you some ideas for a project of your own....



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