Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who knows about your blog?

I was having a conversation with two of my friends the other day about blogging. One of my friends (Emma) was saying that me and my other friend (Blair) should really start a blog, cause she really likes doing it etc. Little does she know that Blair and I already have been blogging for quite some time. So there we were, walking along, Blair and I glancing at each other now and again and laughing. We thought it was pretty funny.

But, it did get me thinking. Only my family knows about my blog. Not one of my friends, aside from Blair, know about my blog. She knows because, I don't know, we both started off doing blogs/sites at around the same time a few years ago, and I trust her not to tell anyone about my blog.

I don't think I tell anyone about my blog because it's just an opportunity for me to write and talk about the things I like, knowing that there won't be some kid from my school laughing at it and judging me. Unfortunately, that is what a lot of the people at my school are like. You go to school and they'll all be talking about what someone posted on formspring or Myspace. When people post links to their blogs, and then get negative comments about it or on it, I really feel sorry for them.

I just like having this blog as a seperate part of my life...does that make sense? I love doing it, and I don't want anything to happen that would make me want to stop. And I really value all you lovely readers of mine!

What I would like to know, is who knows about your blog? Do you like to tell everyone about it or prefer to keep it to yourself? I'd love to know what you all do :).

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just sharing one of my favourite photographers, some of her photos are really fun, others are more serious, I love pretty much all of them. Go here to look at more.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have dreams of orca whales and owls

Today I finished a holiday project of mine...four weeks after the holidays. Still, it's done!

I found the doily in the cupboard, remembered a blog post I did a while ago, and I just had to do it :).

I have dreams of orca whales and owls
But I wake up in fear

Hotel Song - Regina Spektor

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Phoebe in Wonderland

I was meant to go op shopping today with my friend, but annoyingly I was sick. So instead I spent the day reading books and Frankie, and then I decided to go out and hire Phoebe in Wonderland, which I first discovered on Sophie's blog.

The whimsical tale of a young girl who struggles to follow the rules. Perplexed by her inability to get along with the rule-obsessed world around her, Phoebe seeks enlightenment and comfort from her unconventional drama teacher. Phoebe in Wonderland explores a young girls self-discovery and her journey to find acceptance.

It was a pretty serious movie, and quite sad at times, but I really enjoyed it. And Elle Fanning is an amazing actress.

Make an effort to see it sometime, it's definitely worth watching.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Old house, you are lovely.

I went to my cousin's 21st on the weekend, he lives in Melbourne but he had it in the town where my Mum and her sister (his mum) grew up, cause that's where most of his family is.
While we were there we drove to the house where Mum grew up. It's gorgeous. I wish it hadn't been sold. We don't actually have any photos of it so I decided to take some. I knocked on the door, no one was home, so hoping a car wouldn't just suddenly pull up in the driveway, I took some photos. I'm not an amazing photographer but I think you get the whole feel of the house :).

I'm in love with the fact it has a lampost and an actual attic (it's connected to the little balcony)! I've always wished to have an attic.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have a heap of photos saved on my computer, figured I'd share a few. Sorry I don't know the sources. But they're lovely :).

P.S. They cancelled Rock Eisteddfod Australia wide this year! I am absolutely devastated, it's such a big part of our school and a great experience. So I'll miss it, I really hope it comes back on next year.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pretty little things

Amy is a freelance designer/illustrator living in Melbourne. Her work is all very pretty.

Go have a looksee:

P.S. I'm going to make a stop motion video I think...once the camera's fixed!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peter Pan & Wendy

Hello there. I've been feeling really behind on blogging lately. I'm not sure why, I havn't been particularly busy. Maybe I'm still getting used to school going back. I got up this morning and decided it really was time for a blog post again :).

I was looking through a bunch of old books (they're abundant in my house) a few days ago when I found one that really interested me.
Peter Pan & Wendy: Retold for Little People.

Every single blank page in this book is filled with a drawing, random writing or something else, all by (from what I can tell) lots of different people. The other pages are full of beautiful words and pictures. I just love imagining all the people who've owned this book over the past eighty years.

I think this is now one of my favourite old finds. What's yours?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


School's gone back. It's my third day, but it already feels like I've been back ages. Also, I didn't realise it was possible to fit so many 'You need to take this year more seriously, think about your future, you're doing your school certificate now blah blah blah' lectures into three days.

I adore dresses with heart-shaped cutout backs.

Source: 1 - Unsure, 2 + 3 = ModCloth.



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