Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A few pictures I took a while back with a disposable camera. The girl in them is my little sister, who I coerced into traipsing up to the back of the new estate with me, carrying a quilt, which got us numerous odd looks.

I quite like how they turned out, I definitely prefer film/disposable cameras over digital, despite the fact that they're more time consuming.


  1. love these! the colors are fantastic.
    i have an ongoing disposable camera right now, i can't wait to get it developed and see what's on it! i love forgetting what pictures i've taken and being surprised when i finally see them.

  2. Love how they've turned out too, I love being the surprise as well, you never know what will or won't turn out.. x

  3. I like how they turned out too.

    There is something very satisfying about film isn't there?

  4. film cameras definitely take a little more effort then digital but I love not knowing what you will get when the film is developed. These turned out wonderfully.




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