Monday, February 15, 2010

Old house, you are lovely.

I went to my cousin's 21st on the weekend, he lives in Melbourne but he had it in the town where my Mum and her sister (his mum) grew up, cause that's where most of his family is.
While we were there we drove to the house where Mum grew up. It's gorgeous. I wish it hadn't been sold. We don't actually have any photos of it so I decided to take some. I knocked on the door, no one was home, so hoping a car wouldn't just suddenly pull up in the driveway, I took some photos. I'm not an amazing photographer but I think you get the whole feel of the house :).

I'm in love with the fact it has a lampost and an actual attic (it's connected to the little balcony)! I've always wished to have an attic.


  1. Ahh i love the lampost!
    It's sooo gorgeous.
    But i really do wish i had a lampost like that one..

  2. It's a lovely house! I imagine it must be quite interesting to see where your mum grew up. My grandparents still live in the houses where my parents grew up, but I once went with grandma to see where she grew up and it was so interesting! :)


  3. wow, i love the feeling of this house, its just so welcoming. i've always wanted an attic too :P

  4. I love old houses, so much character they have! I actually was able to go see my mom's house that she grew up in a couple months ago, and took pictures as well!

  5. Oh god it's AMAZING!!! I'm so jealous! I would have absolutely loved to grow up here! I can imagine a tree house out the back and a lovely swing hanging from one of the branches!

  6. Aw wow. Doesn't it just sound perfect! xx

  7. Hy, thanks for the comment, I love your blog, I'll be following you, maybe you'd like to follow back:)


  8. so beautiful! i love that you went up to knock on the door...that would have been amazing if someone were home. i still think about doing that in some of the places that i've lived. wouldn't it be so interesting to see how different it would be? or maybe elements of the same?

  9. what a beautiful house! i love the lamp post :)

  10. Congratulations! You won the vintage scarf giveaway on my blog!

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  11. Wow! I wish I could live there! I think it would be amazing to have an attic (and a bit spooky too). A house around the corner from me has a vintage phone box in their front yard!

  12. That house is beyond beautiful. I'd love to live in a place like that someday.




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