Thursday, April 8, 2010


My friend and I are going to Melbourne next week. I would love love love to know of any shops/opp shops you think we should check out, since we don't really know of too many. I think we'll be mainly around the CBD and maybe in Brunswick. Also I would be forever grateful if anyone knows where to get a pair of Oxfords/brogues.

So if a particular place you like springs to mind, do leave a comment and let me know :).

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  1. i would just like to say i would do anything to trade places with you right now. Ahh Melbourne! When will i finally go there??
    Have a look on Etsy for some brogues/oxfords, you have to hunt but i found quite a few good ones :)
    Pearl xo

  2. oh man, i love melbourne, i want to go back so bad! i love shag, they have amazing second hand clothes :)

  3. retro star, on the corner of flinders lane and swanston street :) its great in there, have fun.x

  4. Flinders Lane is great, lots of great shops
    also Smitten Kitten has great lingerie; heres its contact page if you want it;

  5. I love Anonymous Posh in the Royal Arcade, but mostly for looking because it's a tad expensive :) If you get a chance, you should go to High Street, Northcote (it's not too far oot of the city). I live right near there and there are a lot of great op shops and vintage stores and boutiques. Especially Local Shop and Old Hat Antiques. Hope you have a lovely time xx

  6. You will love Lulu (at Cnr of Westbury / Carlisle) on Carlisle Street, East St Kilda. From the city, take the Sandringham line and get off at Balaclava. The entire street is full of treasures. Also High Street end of Chapel Street (Windsor Station) is full of op shops and retro chic. Have fun!!




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