Friday, April 2, 2010

There goes another day

I love holidays.

Last night I watched The Time Traveller's Wife. It was a good movie but I cried a fair bit. Today I slept in, watched a movie about WWII, took the polaroid that's above (a rarity, since the film is so expensive), added to my 'holiday list' and just went about my house being lazy.

I think my weekend will be much the same as today, which I'm happy about, I've been wanting a relaxed few days for a while now.

Have you got much planned for Easter? :)


  1. Wow you own a polaroid! So lucky.
    I wish I could get my hands on one, but like you mentioned its really expensive.

  2. .. don't suppose i'll come out to play with you. i'll just sit at home and write another song about how i want to... (presuming your title was from Angus and Julia's song Another Day?)

    wonderful photo, that is such a good idea :)
    i've got to work tommoro but other than that im going to be relaxing.
    Happy easter!
    Pearl xo

  3. my family and i are going to make a giant feast on easter and hopefully soak up some sun! :)

    love that polaroid, dear.

  4. gorgeous photo!
    your easter weekend sounds pretty perfect.
    I really want to see the time travellers wife!
    Mine basically consists of working each moirning a visiting aunty and uncle and an engagment party.

  5. Have a wonderful Easter weekend xxx

  6. This sounds like a great plan. I'll be with the family on Easter and hopefully eating lots of goodies :) xx

  7. ohh, i love your photo! nice take...

    wasn't the time traveler's wife a tear jerker? i cried a surprised me. haha, but it was a lovely story. but, so sad...!

  8. I had nothing planned for Easter, except perhaps some homework.. and I didn't do that. Instead I ate Peeps and watched Peter Sarsgaard's newest movies. I think it was a good choice.

  9. I really enjoyed the Time Traveler's Wife as well! And oh yes, I cried quite a bit. It really pulls your heart strings, yes. :)

    My Easter was just the ordinary. Nothing much. Though I did eat two chocolate bunnies. ;) xx

  10. I love your polaroid. Cute :)

  11. I love the pictures. and you blog but your banner is amazing...that clock necklace left me breathless it's beautiful.

  12. What a lovely blog you have. Hmm, there was no easter in my house this year for many reasons which I sha'll not go into for I may bore you. So, I woke up easter Sunday... just like any other day, then my cousin from Melbourne came over in the afternoon and stayed 2 nights.
    It was lovely.

  13. Awh I really want a Polaroid camera!
    And the TTW is one of my favourite books, and tbh, the film was decent! So heartbreaking though!




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