Saturday, April 10, 2010

Messy buns

I'm a bit obsessed with these at the moment.

P.S. I've been asked to participate in an art swap, it sounds pretty rad. What happens is you make one piece of art (a drawing, a photo, anything at all), send it off and you'll get 36 in return! If you're interested in taking part too, I need six people, so just leave a comment with your email so I can get in touch with you.

P.P.S. Feel free to still comment on the previous post about Melbourne :).

Images via we heart it.


  1. i'm totally wearing a messy bun right now (like the last one) so i LOVE this post! ;) one of my favourite ways to wear my hair.

  2. I love that my favorite hairstyle since I was, oh 15 (eek - how did that become 15 years ago?) is now 'in'!

  3. I love messy buns too :)

    Happy Weekend! xx

  4. oo I like the how-to at the bottom! Art swap sounds good... still need people?


    send me the info?

  6. I love messy buns, but I just don't have the right head shape for up 'dos so I'll just have to admire yours instead! :)

  7. I love messy buns! But I can never manage 'em. My hair is stubborn and so very straight. I wished I had wavy hair, really. It'll make everything less neat and slightly messy. :)

  8. love messy buns :) its my go to hairstyle hahah

  9. HI!!
    I found your blog through Much Love, and I have to say I adore it very much! Lots of inspirational and beautiful images.

    Do you still need people for your art swap because I would love to participate!
    If it's not too late, please email me:

    THANK YOU, and have a LOVELY day! :)

  10. i can't wait until my hair gets long enough so i can (attempt to) rock this look. it's so chic.


    I would LOVE to participate! If it isn't too late, if you wouldn't mind e-mailing me with just a tad bit of information you'd be my favorite person for the moment :D :D

    Your blog is quite lovely, it makes me smile :D

  12. if you still need people for art swap i'd love to join in!




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