Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm bored with myself, I'll have another chocolate milk.

Juliette over at where the wild wolves dream just did a post where she had to say ten things about herself. She's passed it on to everyone who reads her blog, so I thought I would do it...

1. I can never not have a book to read. Does that make sense? It doesn't mean I have to be constantly reading. It just means that if someone asked me what I was currently reading, I would always be able to answer. I would never say "Oh, nothing at the moment." Bit of a book worm I am!

2. I cannot bear touching peach skin, wooden spoons or flour. I don't know why!

3. I love writing. I've only realised just how much I do it. I write in my journal, on here, stories at school. I'm writing a story at the moment, it's going to be fairly long I think. I'm on about 14 000 words at the moment. I want to get a book published someday.

4. When I was about two I could fit into my dad's briefcase. Which makes me think, why did he have a briefcase? He's a biologist, and he spends most of his days off in the bush somewhere. Anyway, I still am very short and I'm often mistaken to be younger than my age. Which I don't like now but I guess will be better when I'm older.

5. I have always wanted curly hair. I have straight hair, which tends to have annoying flicky bits, and I envy people with gorgeous curly locks. Yet most of them seem to hate it!

6. I can never get enough of old photos. They fascinate me.

7. The Holocaust intrigues me. It's so interesting. So very sad, but very interesting. I read every book I can find on the subject. I particularly like ones from young people's point of view. Maybe one day I will go visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, where all those terrible things happened.

8. I adore pretty dresses.

9. I'm a list-maker. I love making lists. About everything and anything. I make lists when for Christmas, for my birthday, when I go away somewhere I make lists of what I have to pack. I make lists each year when we go to Rock Eisteddfod. I make lists of things I want, songs I should get. Things I have to do. The list just goes on (haha).

10. Our school has participated in Rock Eisteddfod for many years. I absolutely love it. I love practicing, I spend all year looking forward to leaving our little town (well, it's not that little) at 6am to travel into the city, and not getting home till about 4 am the next morning. I love the whole atmosphere.

Well, that's my ten things. You're very welcome to do this too!

P.S Image from here.
P.P.S I have found an amazing photgrapher to share with you very soon!

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  1. Love the picture that you've included. I'm also much the same when it comes to books. And list making :)




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