Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tim Walker

I was doing my usual photography browsing when I came across Tim Walker. Wow he has some amazing work. Wouldn't it be wonderful to go buy a cute little car, strap a bed onto the top and go driving around the countryside. Far better than a caravan! Or maybe camp inside...?


  1. oh this is so lovely!
    made my day,
    Pearl xo

  2. really great ideas, camp inside....
    now where's my tent?... hehe. thanks for sharing!
    these photos inspired me! :))
    your blog is really nice !

  3. I love Tim Walker, I have his 2009 calendar which I plan to re-purpose once the year is over.

  4. oh yes tim walker is amazing!these make me want to have a campout :)

  5. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my lace necklace!
    I love Tim Walker! Last year I got his book for my birthday and I keep on looking at his amazing photos!

    Love Lennebelle




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