Saturday, November 7, 2009

Neat Freak

Does anyone else share my love of cleaning their room? I'm finding that most days lately I'll come home, have something to eat, read a bit, then go and clean my room. Make my bed, tidy up my desk, put things away. I don't know why it's so addicting. But I just love seeing and having everything so neat and tidy. I can't leave my room messy for more than a few days anymore. Which is funny, because not so long ago I was the proud owner of a floordrobe and my desk was completely buried under a massive pile of junk.
But it's only my room. It doesn't bother me if the rest 0f the place is a complete mess. I mean, you should see my bathroom. Ha.

Image from here. It's Alice from the TV show United States of Tara, which I love. She's definitely a bit of a neat freak.

Maybe we all have a touch of neat freak. Do you?


  1. i love united states of tara. but i doubt i am a neat freak, for my room is always rather messy ><

  2. dear, your blog is beautiful! thank you for your comment, now i know this lovely place exists!
    i have to say i do love cleaning my room. i can let it get very messy but that's probably because making it look all clean and sparkly is so fun!
    i'm so glad you like Mumford and Sons :) let me know of another amazing song when you find one xx

  3. Oh I sometimes go through phases of extreme neat-freakiness. Right now is not one of those phases. Although I'm sure the trigger will be when I can't stand anymore clutter in my room, haha.

    Loving your blog, btw!





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