Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Uninvited

I was reading the latest post over at Vintage Frantic's blog, which was mainly about the outfits that Zooey Deschanel wore in 500 Days of Summer. It reminded me of how much I loved the outfits Emily Browning wore in The Uninvited, so her post has inspired me to write this one!

The Uninvited is a horror movie, I absolutely love everything about it. It has the best twist, and it's really cleverly done. The house where most of the movie happens is beautiful. The movie's about a girl who returns home after being hospitalised because of her mum's death, only to find she now has an 'evil step-mother', but I won't give away any more than that. I'll only say that you should get down to blockbuster and hire it!
Anyway, here are some of the outfits Emily Browning wore in the movie. I wish I could steal them.

There are many more pretty things that she wears (my favourite is the dress in the party scene) but I can't seem to find any images! I tried to take my own stills, with print screen, but they came out pretty blurry. Looks like you'll have to watch the movie yourself :).


  1. thanks for the comment. i was too scared to see that movie. ><
    i really like your blog!

  2. Hello Katie :)
    Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment on my blog. Yes, I did take that photo, but it is candid. I was trying to get my sister to pose but she is awfully shy.

    You really made my day, and your blog is adorable.

  3. i haven't seen this movie, i will put it on my list :)
    Emily Browning is so pretty!




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