Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sooo I've received my very first two blog awards :). From the lovely blog Owl vs. Dove. Thank you!

With these awards also comes a challenge. I had to find seven things in my room that were a particular colour, that being...
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

So here are my seven things!

Little wooden figurines. They're all dressed in blue except the little girl.

A paper crane I made. But I can't remember how to make them anymore sadly.

Good old Eeyore. Everyone one has a old, beloved toy like this, right?

Box that used to hold a teacup and saucer.

Sunglasses I brought today! The blue fades into white, then goes blue again. They remind me of summer and the beach :).

Blue lips, blue veins, blue, the colour of our planet from far, far away.

Notepad I got from my Nan and Pop a few Christmases ago. Havn't found a use for it yet. I have so many blank notebooks.

I also have to pass the awards on to seven more blogs. You all get the two awards! The two came with the option to name 7 random facts about yourself, and 7 things you're loving at the moment. Plus the '7 things in your room' challenge. You can do any, or all.

But I would say you should definitely do the 7 things in your room challenge. But you're not going to have to find seven blue things, I have to change the colour, and that colour will Just cause everyone I know seems to have a fair bit of pink in their rooms.

Anyway, the wonderful blogs I am going to tag are...

Let's Fly Away Now
Just B
A Daisy Chain Dream
Where the Wild Wolves Dream
Daisy Lane

Hope you're all having a good week :).


  1. wow thankyou!
    your amazing :)
    Pearl xo

  2. congratulations on the award lovely and thank you so much! i will do it as soon as i get home and have more than 5 minutes internet!

  3. thankyou!
    i shall definately play along!
    I have to say out of the photo's you posted,
    i like the paper crane and the box the best.
    oh and eyore is cute as well!

  4. Those sunglasses are beautiful! I love the post, congrats on the award :)

  5. Love your blue things. Thanks for playing along!


  6. Oh thank you! I have an awful lot of pink stuff in my room, so it should be easy :)
    The box is so beautiful, and Eeyore is too cute.

  7. congrats for your award lovelyyy.
    you totally deserve it! :)
    Eeyore is sooo cute.




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