Saturday, December 5, 2009

Interior inspiration

Personally I don't think you can ever get enough.

Click images for source. Apologies for most that are linkless. I tend to be careless and save images in a folder on my computer rather than in favourites.


  1. I lovvvee the first one. IT reminds me of my childhood. "My little secret hut" But dad pulls the blanket up and ruins it. Haha.
    Oh and by the way, i don't have a polaroid. It's poladroid. Google it :)
    But i'm getting this instax mini camera.

  2. Nice photos. But i like most the forth one. Very nice!

  3. Aw, these are all so perfect. I've actually used some of them in my blog before! LOVE bedroom inspiration. *sigh*

  4. oh i love all these beautiful bedroom ideas. very inspiring indeed. in fact i've seen the first photo on flickr (anna's photos are gorgeous!) before. thanks for sharing, love! and beautiful blog you have. xx

  5. Oh, I want to redecorate my bedroom now! I love photos of comfy beds.

  6. These are all really cute!

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  8. 'tis beautiful,
    i heart birdcages ;)

    I'd like to possiby feature your inspirational book on my blog, please let me know if that'd be alright. Just a few q&a's and then feature it to all my online networks??





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