Monday, December 7, 2009

Longing for holidays..

Just a quick post. My school has roped me into debating tomorrow. Tomorrow, and they only got a team together today. How organised! Haha. I do actually love debating, but I am not in the mood to write 2 four minute speeches in one night. Especially when I have to go to my sister's presentation night as well.
Anyhow, there's no getting out of it. I just can't wait till the term's over. Only 7 more school days! For now I thought I'd leave you with this cute little quote/embroidery. I can think of so many books that it applies to.
Hopefully I will bring you a more interesting post tomorrow!

Click image for source.


  1. aww thats so cute!
    good luck with your debating, and let me assure you - being on holidays never felt so good!
    Pearl xo

  2. sooo agree.
    There are SO many books that are a million times better than the mmovie.

  3. That is a good moto to remember! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. I agree with that!

  5. Ha ha, I love that quote! Good luck with getting through school.




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