Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I've always loved the book Where The Wild Things are, so I got pretty excited when I heard that there was a movie coming out. I'm sure most of you were, since there's been a lot of talk about it in the blogging world.

Finally it came out, and my friend and I went and saw it last night. Wow. It was amazing. I don't even know how to begin to explain it. It had a great soundtrack, it was funny and sad, whimsical. The list goes on. The costumes in particular I loved. The monsters weren't animated, but instead huge costumes were made that were operated from the inside. Only the faces were animated by using CGI.

There are two quotes I remember from the movie.
"I think we broke the king."
"He does have a double recracker."

My friend and I burst out laughing at them while the rest of the cinema was completely silent. Sorry about that.

If only you could really jump into a tiny boat and sail away to an mystical land...


  1. Oh I can't wait to see it! I hate it how Australia gets everything so late!

  2. The preview for this film makes me cry! I'm not sure how I'll go watching the actual movie...

  3. oh im seeing it on Friday (hopefully)!!
    Can't wait :)
    Pearl xo




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