Sunday, January 10, 2010

Computer's still broken.

So I don't quite have the time atm to reply to any of your comments, as I have limited time on this library computer. Unwise little me didn't book before I came, so I only have time to share a few photos with you. I'll prebook next time!

Her flickr. Go have a look see.

P.S. Got a Polaroid Spirit 600 off Etsy. Yay!


  1. oh my. you actually got a polaroid!
    i think im just going to have to do it, i have been wanting one for ages but haven't got round to it.
    you must be so excited!
    Pearl xo

  2. A Polaroid camera! I'm jealous. The first photo is gorgeous, I love her Flickr. Hope your computer gets fixed soon xx

  3. Wonderful pictures! I love the middle one its like the story of my life hahah. And polaroid... jealous doesn't even begin to explain what i feel

  4. the photos are very nice!
    you know, i was so happy when i read your comment in my blog because you're the first person who wrote an actual comment :) (before it was some spam)

    so i wanted to ask you, how did you stumble upon my blog?


  5. I have always wanted to travel to Australia! It just sounds like such a fascinating place. :] I live in the States, and I think it would be the absolute coolest thing to have a penpal overseas! Would you be my penpal? :] (No pressure or anything, though!!)

    a little yellow button.

  6. wow these pictures are amazing, xxx

  7. I also bought a polaroid camera recently! A sx-70!

    Now I just need to stock up on film... I wish I wish that it wouldn't be so expensive!





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