Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One day we will lose our teeth

Yesterday morning my 3 year old cousin and I had a conversation about how one day we will lose our teeth, and then we will only be able to drink lots and lots of milk. She is very sweet. So is her brother. We're home from my Nan and Pop's today, I kinda wish I was still's just nice being there.

I love this photo. It's somehow empowering I think. Please let me know if you know the source.


  1. "one day we will lose our teeth"
    That is lovely. Though not so lovely that it will actaully happen. Does that make sense?
    The picture is stunning, however i want to know what he is doing climbing out the window wih that light? Hmm its a mystery!
    Pearl xo

  2. I love the photo! But I have no idea who took it..I love children! they're have that wisdom about them

  3. I love this photo, but I am sorry to inform you that I don't know the source. x

  4. I love conversations with little people. I usually also have conversations with my little six-year old cousin. He even comes to me now telling me "let's talk....what do you want to talk about?" lol It is so cute.

    I am stealing this picture and putting it on my facebook right now hahaha. I think it means reaching for the stars!! And that is what I like to do everyday.

    Buenos deseos,

  5. I love love your blog blog! ;) So cute and I love the picture too. Maybe

  6. what a conversation starter! 'one day we will loose our teeth...' lol!
    your cousin sounds really adorable!
    I've been seeing that picture around a lot but I don't know where it originated...if I find out I'll let you know for sure:D
    it is a pretty awesome shot...

  7. That photo is so so so beauitful, and your cousin sounds soooo sweet, I love her quote,

  8. Absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing <3




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