Monday, January 4, 2010

It's like forgetting, the words to your favourite song...

The computer's going to get fixed tomorrow I think. I swear it may as well be a snail with the speed it's going at. So I don't know when I'll post again, but I won't be too far away. Ttfn! :).

Pretty images via wehearit. The second is my favourite cause I had (have perhaps) a camera identical to the one the little boy has.


  1. oh those photos are great. hope your computer will be ok soon.

  2. well, I would love the first one to be one of my t-shirt:)

  3. Oooh camera envy! I'd especially like the polaroid.

  4. I love camera pictures!
    btw, congrats on getting a polaroid camera :)

  5. lovely pictures.


  6. I love the little boy's camera. I think I may have had one like it too :)

  7. Hi there!

    Thanks for following my blog! I feel so completely new to this whole blogging experience.. It's fabulous knowing that I have some new admirers. :]

    Your blog makes me happy. It's lovely and perfectly whimsical.

    I'm in love with polaroid cameras! I'm crossing my fingers on getting one someday. :]

    I read on an older post of yours that you were looking for a penpal! Have you gotten one yet?


  8. I adore these photos! So so wonderful

  9. hey :) i couldn't find your email on your profile to email you about us being pen pals but im definitly up for it!
    if you want to email me my email is
    I'm excited! I haven't had a penpal since i was about eight :)
    Pearl xo

  10. Great photos! I'm in love with the first illustration, it's so fun. xo, Helen.




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