Saturday, January 2, 2010

Market Finds - Lally

While we were on holidays, we went to markets along the beach. I was pretty happy with my purchases.

Simple little things - a pet rock, hair pins and a ring.

My favourite was the ring, hands down. It's actually made out of a key from a broken typewriter. I found it at a store filled with wonderful jewellery, all made out of recycled materials. But not the junky stuff. Instead everything was made from spoons, knives, forks, scrabble pieces, antique buttons. I fell in love with pretty much everything in that shop. As I left the guy handed me a card, it said Lally : Jewellery Redefined. Perfect slogan, don't you think?

They describe what they do as making beautiful jewellery from antique and vintage items, I think you should definitely head over to their website and check it out.


  1. oh i love that ring too. gorgeous find

  2. What cute jewellery. I love the last one.

  3. I love the ring! in the first picture. So adorable :) It reminds me of this scrabble piece ring I just found on etsy:

  4. wow, gorgeous buys! off to check out their site right now.

  5. Ooh I want to steal your ring! Lally might just be my new favourite shop!

  6. Oh wow, these are all gorgeous pieces. Thanks for sharing! xx

  7. I love the smirk on the pet rock's face. So cute!

  8. ah that ring is amazingg!


  9. Oh, I love that bracelet. I wish I had a typewriter of my own.




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