Saturday, January 23, 2010

A question for you...

I'm always doing something to my room. There's always a bit, that in my eyes, needs to be fixed or adjusted. At the moment, it's my group of frames. They all sit in the middle of the wall, and I've gotten a bit sick of them. So I took some down, put new ones up (thanks Nan and op shop), and moved them all over to the side of my wall. I quite like how they look now. But a few of them are still empty. And I don't know what to put in them.

So here is my question for you, dear readers. What do you put in your frames? I know the obvious answer is pictures, but there are tons of possibilites. Embroidery, postcards, quotes, polaroids, photos, prints, letters. Let me know, post some pictures if you like, give me some ideas :).

Images via weheartit.


  1. i put my favorite quotes, pictures that capture candid moments i'll never forget, and paintings my boyfriends made for me :)

  2. Apart from the standard things I often put leaves, shells, pressed flowers and feathers in frames, I like to be surrounded by nature

  3. I love the arrangements of all these picture frames! They are quite lovely indeed. I myself am planning to frame up my button collection, along with some quotes and maybe pressed flowers or something similar.

  4. I recently saw pictureless frames on Lobster and Swan here: and I've been wanting to do something like that ever since!

  5. I would put anything and everything beautiful and interesting. x
    lovely pictures!

  6. I put favourite photos, drawings (scribbles) and paintings by my son, drawings by me or cute little pics I find and like.

    I also like collections - paper cutouts, buttons, fabrics. :D

  7. i saw in a shop some vintage frames with tags inside, like clothes tags!? it was such a good idea and looked lovely!
    Pearl xo

  8. I feel so uncreative if I see how you have arrenged this lovely fellows. Well, I put something that reminds me of my roots- family photo.

    And since I always move and stay in a temporary place...I do not put alot. Someday when I permanently stay in somewhere, I would tell you what I put:)

  9. pictures, polaroids, quotes, concert tickets, funny things, like pictures from the newspaper or magazine.

  10. We have frames all over our house, mainly with photographs thatI have taken, posters from gigs that my boyfriend's band has done, or band posters that we like. x

  11. Paintings, poetry, fairytales and drawings. Also, I'm going to frame this beautiful silf scarf that one of my lovely friends painted for me with colourful birds. ♥

  12. What a cool blog! My favorite is the tree with the frames. When I finally get a place where I can paint the walls and hang pictures I'm definitley doing this!

    Wonderful blog :) I'm definitely following :)

  13. I took all my frames down because I got sick of them. They did have photos though. But they seem to date so quickly and it's annoying changing them all the time. I'm looking for some new vintage-y type frames though, much like the ones in the first picture. So for now, I'm in the same boat as you :)

  14. hey love, i actually have no idea how to get the date-daydream lily did it for me. i think your best bet is to look at my html and go into the css part and see how the comments section looks.

  15. put scraps of fabric in them...beautiful vintage-y, floral scraps of fabric, with lace and pearls and gorgeous nostalgic trinkets:)
    that's what I would do. oh and buttons!

    you should totally make some berets I think you'll have a lot of fun:D

    I'll try to get some pictures up of mine when they are finished and let you know for sure ^_^


  16. pretty much anything that can be flattened and i want to put on display! lovely photos <3

  17. Hey!...

    I find frames particularly cool because besides showing your personality, they also remind you of very special things.

    I personaly like to frame letters, poems, thoughts, family faces.

    Con aprecio,

  18. First of all, I love art walls, especially that first one! And I've taken a liking to putting pages from old books into frames. Of course I feel badly about ripping the pages out of the books unless the books are already damaged.




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